Wednesday, May 6, 2009

due date & prayer request

Yes, it is my due date and NO, Ethan is showing no signs of coming out soon. Every day puts me closer to meeting him, though, and I know he will be born in God's perfect timing!!

Mt prayer request is for Chrissy, my dear friend and former boss. Here's us at my baby shower (which she graciously hosted).

She has suffered from intense migraines for over 10 years and back in March, she was getting several per week, which prompted her to take a hard look at her lifestyle and start cutting back on things that were causing stress. Since then, she's seen several doctors and tried different dosages of a medication, but was still suffering a migraine at least once/week and as many as every-other day. Plus, the medication was giving her severe side effects and didn't seem to be making much of a difference.

Well, Tuesday she was scheduled for a CAT scan and the news was that she had a MASS--in fact, a brain tumor--that was inoperable and fatal. This was shocking news. Later that day, she went to a different hospital and an MRI revealed that the tumor was, in fact, operable and completely treatable. They also found it to be non-cancerous. Can you imagine that roller coaster ride??

Of course this is terrible news (my 30-year-old friend has a brain tumor?!?!), but the corresponding news has all been good. The tumor is in a spot that won't affect her motor skills or her speech, so her rehabilitation should be minor, if any. The type of tumor has a name: "meningioma," which is commonly benign. They plan to operate tomorrow (Thursday) in a 4-6 hour procedure.

Chrissy is a Christian and we had just had a conversation on Monday, having no idea what was to come, about how God was going to see her through this chapter of her life and that she would look back on this as a major turning point, not just physically, but spiritually. We know God is with her and has His hand in this situation. The amount of prayer being lifted up for her is amazing and already, God has shown great mercy and grace.

Our prayer now is for the wisdom of the doctors treating her as they plan the surgery, and for the surgery itself, of course. And peace and protection for Chrissy and her family (she has two kids, ages 2 and 5).

Will keep you posted on both--thank you for your prayers!

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Hey there!

How did Chrissy's surgery go? I pray all is well!

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