Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday's Fave Five #15

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This one will be short and sweet, no pictures, mainly because I'm actually tired of being on the computer after the week I've had. There are plenty of things that were praiseworthy and of good report, however, so away we go!!

1. My friend Chrissy, came through the surgery to remove a tumor on her brain on Thursday and I'm told she is "doing well" and they were able to remove it all (so no radiation, yeah!). Continued prayers are appreciated, of course, as she recovers. I've been the one reporting her updates to our church family, her church family, our Bunco group and others, so it's been a bit taxing but I'm very happy to do it. I also believe that God is at work in her life and in the lives of everyone that has been rallying around her, so it will be exciting to see what He is up to! The post about her whirlwind week is


2. I got to my due date so we know Ethan is fully cooked!! Oh, my, the waiting is getting hard!! Besides just being eager to meet him and being so ready to be done being pregnant, I've had some hormonal issues, problems with my appetite and the usual ups and down of the end of pregnancy to handle this week but, again, God has been SO good to me and is teaching me some wonderful lessons about relying on Him, prayer, resting, etc. etc. that I'll have to share after Ethan's story is done being told!! :) Pray that we will continue to be patient, for a restful weekend coming up and health for Ethan and I.

{P.S. If any of you have some positive stories about past-due pregnancies, feel free to comment!! I'll take all the encouragement I can get!}

3. I had my "Blessingway" on Saturday with my mom, two sisters-in-law and dear friend. It was a tremendous blessing, indeed, and I hope not only for me, but for all who participated! Blessingways are just a "mother-centered shower of love" so if you want to check it out and see pictures (there are some of my henna-painted belly!) go to
This Post

4. God has really been teaching me some amazing things this week that I can summarize in one word: ABIDING. I've been really focused on that word/idea/concept for a while now and it's amazing to see how He will teach us things when we ask. I'm learning how to better love others, how to pray, how to take my thoughts captive, how to take life one day (and even one moment) at a time...and so much more. I feel like I'm really "in the flow" for a change and it's really cool. I love it that He is so interested in a relationship with us and wants to show us Who He is and what He can do...we just have to be willing! I have to admit that, at times, it seems over-whelming and "heavy," which you can pray for...but I'm also getting use to the idea that it's totally worth it. Whatever we go through, when God is with us, it's worth it!

5. Having quality time with Andrew this week. We've done Lego's, played trains, sat outside for hours, watched's been nice to just slow down and spend time together. The three of us have also done some projects and taken trips to the park, too. I know I'll cherish these last few days as a family of three!!

I know I'll have a nice pick-me-up when I read everyone else's lists for this week! :) Hopefully, next week's will involve our new son!!


Brenda said...

My son was almost 3 weeks late, they montored me daily but I did not want to be induced. He came out a little wrinkled, but he practically slipped out, at over 9lbs it was an easy delivery because my body was ready to push him out. No meds at all, just a few good pushes. Every pregnancy is different and your body knows exactly when that baby is "fully cooked" :)

Sherry said...

Laney was 2 weeks late, I got monitored 3x's a week due to high risk, and on one of my oh so frustrating i'm over this pregnancy checkups the nurse told me to eat egg plant parm and I'd give birth in less than 24 hrs .. Coninsdence or not, she was EXACTLY right ... 20 hrs after I ate that out came that baby girl! :) Glad your friend came out of surgery okay! Good luck w your pregnancy.

Willow said...

My #2 child (one of my daughters) was a week late and I had only FOUR HOURS of labor! Brenda is right--baby knows when he's ready to arrive. Maybe he'll be your Mother's Day present!

Karyn said...

The last days are the hardest of any pregnancy - over due or not. Cherishing time with your other child now is the best thing you can do while you wait.

Blessings on your labor/delivery! (Maybe Ethan is already here)

I'm so glad your friend's surgery went well.

ABIDING....that is a wonderful word, isn't it?

Susanne said...

Bless you in these final days of your pregnancy! It will be exciting news to hear of the arrival of little

Just me.....Shelly said...

Just wanted to pop in and wish you a Happy Mother's Day! Maybe you are celebrating it today as a mother of 2!! xoxo