Sunday, July 5, 2009


Nothing exciting to report from the holiday weekend. We stayed home and relaxed, basically. Got a few cute shots of the fam, though!

Drew doesn't think there's a resemblance. HA! Puh-leez.

Happy baby, smiling at his brother.

Brother love.

Andrew painting.

Beautiful Arizona sky over our house Friday night, followed by a marvelous thunderstorm!

And that's about it from here! Just wanted you to know I'm still here! :)

In the way of an update, we are thoroughly enjoying this time of life with our new baby boy. We almost don't have a choice--it's upwards of 109 degrees here during the day so we stay in the house a lot, trying to pass the time. If we go anywhere, it's to an air conditioned store or a pool!

I am finally feeling more normal and am working hard at staying as healthy as possible. Plus I'm always trying to get enough sleep, of course! No crafting to speak of...I do miss it! I am trying to just relax in this season, and enjoy time with my family. I know Ethan won't stay a newborn forever and life will get more active soon! For now, it's nice to just slooooow doooown.

Thanks for checking in!

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