Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Andrew is hooked on his new "Franklin" video and in one episode, they go "exploring" while on a camping trip so he's been asking me to go exploring with him all week. Today we finally did it. I don't take the boys out much because of the heat but we were brave and headed to our neighborhood park.

Andrew loves to push. Ethan seems to like it, too!

Taking time to watch the birds and planes overhead.

Ethan seems to like being outside, too.

Can't go to the park and not slide!

Relaxing in the shade.

Pointing out the birds.

Showing Ethan the pine cone he plucked off a tree.

When we arrived home with pine cones and a feather, I got to thinking that it would be nice for Andrew to have a place to keep his exploring treasures. I just picked up a few of these trays for $1.31 each at the store the day before--perfect!! So we got to painting!!

I'm going to add scrap booking paper to the sides to jazz it up. He was pretty proud--and it matches his bedroom!

All in all, a fun morning!

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