Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Baby Love

Motherhood has brought so many cliches to life for me. I've heard people say that when you have a second child, your heart doesn't divide, it doubles...or something like that. Cuz you really wonder, "How can I have enough love for a second when it feels like my heart will explode with love for my first??"

And yet I find myself thinking, "I don't remember having this much love with my first," and you really can't figure out where all this love comes from.
The beauty of the second time around is that you're a little more relaxed and can enjoy it even more, too!

I swear I can be miles away from this baby and still have the smell of him lingering in my nose. I dream about him. I feel displaced when he's not with me I wonder how I lived 31 years without him. I kiss him and smoosh him and snuggle into his neck...knowing now how quickly babyhood flies by.

I'm already thinking, "Oh, yeah, I'll do this again" because he's just growing up too fast. I will him to stop but I know it won't work.

It's scary, how quickly he's growing. He's four months old already!!

He even tried pears for the first time yesterday, after his doc gave the OK to start solids. He definitely liked them!

He's rolling all over the place, cooing and talking, he's drooling and laughing...he is a joy.

He plays with toys...

...and plays with his brother.

And he loves books!

He is such a good baby, a happy baby. He makes everyone smile. And they make him smile. It's a nice arrangement.

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