Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hi, my name is Tabitha....

...and I'm addicted to crafts.

Honestly? I just wanted an excuse to buy some of the cute fabric I see in my paper shopping excursions. This fabric caught my eye and I adore it.

This is the first of many of these fabric flower brooches!!

I sewed a pin to stiff felt then hot glued it to the back of the flower so it's not floppy.

I wore the above pin to Bunco last night and got compliments and feedback. We agreed--smaller would be better. I'm going to secure it to the felt better, too, to cut down on the floppiness. They loved it, though!

I actually made another one today, just a bit smaller. This one, I'll keep! I made a third--they just keep getting better--and it's going into the shop, attached to a card!

And here is
The Tutorial

My best tip is to hold it the way she's showing in the picture when you cut it, or you end up with a pile of scraps. Practice on paper or "junk fabric" first. Also, you do have to cut it almost all the way around, in an oval. Unfold it once and check the depth of your petals before you unfold it all the way. It's fun to experiment!!

I hope you'll try it, they're a blast!!!

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