Sunday, February 21, 2010

Helping Emily {and seeing rainbows}

I found out about Emily Schmidt through Polka Dot Mom.

"Hope For God's Children" is sponsoring a fundraiser for her family NOW through March 4. Just GO SHOPPING on Ebay (using search "HGC Emily") or on Etsy (using search "HGC" or Emily").

You'll see a lot of blue flowers and the blurb from her mom under the above rainbow to find out why.

I listed this blue flower brooch with $2 going toward HGC....

...and within an hour, saw THIS double rainbow right in front of my home. It was the first rainbow BOTH of my sons had ever seen! From my driveway, this was to the left...

...and this was to the right. Isn't that amazing???

Go to my Etsy shop and search "Emily" for the eligible items or check out this post.

You can read more about Emily on her web site

Now go do a good deed to help a special family and get t'shoppin'!!


Ribbons and Pigtails said...

That is really awesome! I saw your post on PM and I had to come by and say "hi" Hugs, Ingrid

PriVaTe JoKe said...

the rainbows are so amazing :)

PriVaTe JoKe said...

the rainbows are so amazing :)