Thursday, January 13, 2011

My first snow!

Can you believe that I went 33 years without ever playing in the snow??

My first time was this past weekend in Flagstaff, Arizona and it was marvelous. The best part? I could sled without worrying about falling because the snow was so soft that it didn't hurt! And fall I did. Sometimes I fell down just because I was laughing so hard. It was enchanting.

My hubby made this gigantic snowball. This was the view from the back of the cabin!

It was Ethan's first time, too. He liked walking in it but wouldn't wear gloves and HATED having snow on his hands. He stayed inside with my grandmother a lot.

Andrew (in back) must have gone down the sled "run" 200 times. Mostly the cousins rode together. We're so pleased that they will always have this trip as a fun memory.

The only downside was the loooong walk back UP the sled run and trying to hold the darn string while wearing gloves!

They caught some serious air!

Andrew got Drew with a few snowballs, too.

Ain't much cuter than a baby in footy pajamas eating pancakes for breakfast! I can't believe my baby is 20 months old now!!

I think the snow looks good on me. I was excited to get to wear the J. Jill coat I bought on clearance last year. Drew picked out the teal boots for me :)

The boys with the snowman my mom and I made.

And the best part? Quality time as a family.

Put me down as a big snow fan. Especially when we could play in it for two days then return to the 50-degree weather in the valley!

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