Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1,000 Gifts: #201-225

I haven't done an official list of gifts since late November but my gratitude journal has surely grown!

I also finally picked up

"One Thousand Gifts" and read the entire thing in a day. It is AMAZING. I have joined the book club through {in}courage as well. Ann's book is truly transforming. I highly recommend it.

I have started a new journal to go along with the book, so I can add to it with my gifts as I come and go. By the end of the day, I have already forgotten some things! But now I'll be writing it there AND publishing it here.

201:: downy blond hair on a pudgy, pale baby body

202:: a well-equipped guest room for my hubby's friends

203:: nursing snuggly under a blanket

204:: Andrew's adventures with Nana and Papa. "Nana, you have the best ideas," he tells her. McDonald's and Target ARE great ideas.

205:: new monkey pajamas for my monkey

206:: an all-pink, girly baby shower

207:: browsing stores and not spending any money

208:: Superbowl Sunday at Sarah's

209:: an impromptu visit from a friend

210:: a friend to talk to and a friend who listens

211:: extra dishes to wash

212:: a house full of people, noise and laughter

213:: winter in Arizona

214:: a woman at church who wants to share her miscarriage story

215:: an unexpected "I love you" from a friend

216:: texts with pictures of my 8-week-old nephew

217:: lots of laundry

218:: winning a contest that allowed me to buy Ann's book

219:: my fortune: "You will soon see a miracle."

220:: Ann's book, addressing JOY

221:: how God plants ideas in our minds before we can ever guess why

222:: Andrew noticing beautiful women (one in a head rap and sari, one in a long dress, one wearing red high heels)

223:: Ethan saying, "Hi, Mom! Hi, Baby! Hi, Dad!"

224:: kabobs on the grill, oven fries, stuffed mushrooms and rootbeer

225:: Etsy customers that understand mistakes

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