Friday, April 1, 2011

My craft room!! {and Spring fabric flowers}

Seven months after moving in and with my Etsy shop in "vacation mode" so I can have a breather, I FINALLY have my craft room how I want it!! And I get to use and enjoy it just for ME!!

The bookcase of crafting supplies:

My craft table, with actual space to WORK! {but why do I usually end up working on the couch instead??}

Bookcase & SPRING banner I made {and, yes, I usually have company in there!}:

My helpers!

{notice that I re-covered the chairs in "Happy All Over" fabric, which matches the two fabric bins!!}

I enjoy working in here to much more now!!

SO MUCH in fact that I went on a little "flower making binge" last night!! A veritable garden!!! {under my Ott light, so the colors are very "true"}

QUITE CONTRARY fabric {love the pink and green, especially gingham}

{fun polka dots!}

From Raspberry Creek on Etsy Such yummy fabrics!!

SPRING STREET fabric {rain drops, birds, flowers--love it!!}

From Venezie Designs on Etsy Delightful to buy from!

E-mail me if you'd like to purchase anything, all flowers are $6 and can be made on a hair clip or brooch pin! tabandrew(at)


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