Monday, May 23, 2011

1,000 Gifts: #226-500+ Catching Up

My list has grown and grown and grown {even though I haven't been posting them here as often}.

I've already reached the half-way point!! {I'm actually up to #550--wow!}.

Here are some highlights:

261:: sleeping with the covers pulled all the way up

285:: introducing Andrew to the Star Wars triology

314:: Divinely inspired ideas: rain, rainbows & sun!

347:: having a fellow Etsian make crocheted flowers for my God Knits event

370:: a hot cup of orange jasmine tea on a damp, cold day

381:: A Day Out With Thomas and riding in the front car--magical!

393:: Ethan's first hair trim {and baby curls that come back}

413:: covering my craft room chairs in "Happy All Over" fabric

416:: closing down my Etsy shop for good. Aaaah, freedom!

430:: a reliable mechanic within walking distance

453:: trying out vegetarian recipes

468:: no anxiety!

475:: getting hired to make "real money"

488:: Drew's weight loss

505:: an Easter gift of undies tucked into a green coffee mug

511:: putting in offers on TWO houses in my parent's neighborhood

526:: having mature friends who don't escalate an already-uncomfortable situation

545:: embracing the waiting-to-hear-news-on-the-house phase

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