Monday, June 6, 2011

1,000 Gifts: #550-586

Just another mothering cliche that I discover is true (over and over and over again): the time goes by so fast.

This week, I took Andrew for his kinder testing (a quick, informal skills assessment to help the teachers create the class lists) and watched him walk down the hall, holding the hand of a strange woman as they chatted about Star Wars and Legos like old friends. It gave my heart a little practice run for that first week of kindergarten.

This was him, just five-and-a-half years ago:

And this weekend after he pulled out his first tooth, ten minutes after discovering it was loose.

I was telling my mom on the phone, "He was eating pizza and said, 'Mommy, this pizza made my tooth wobbly!'" when he came bounding down the stairs WITH the tooth! "He pulled it out!" I exclaimed. My mom later commented what I had been thinking: wasn't I JUST calling to tell her he CUT his first tooth?? Where does the time go??

This is why we take pictures. And why we record gifts.

554:: still tweaking out grace-based parenting philosophy

555:: not constantly pining for a night out...but getting one, and enjoying it, anyway

559:: housework done and time leftover to play

564:: Ethan climbing into my lap with a book and saying, "Mommy, I wanna book."

567:: finally scoring the exfoliating orange blossom/apricot body wash I'd been wanting

570:: yummy, fruity popcicles

572:: a husband who encourages me to take some time to myself

574:: Andrew pulling his first tooth

577:: brothers playing together

579:: losing an hour when I dozed off next to Ethan on Sunday afternoon

582:: "coincidentally" having an extra flower with me to donate to the church youth group raffle

584:: Ethan's first Sunday in the 2s class at church. He went right in like he owned the place and reportedly had a great time!

586:: Ethan saying, "It's time for bed, Mommy" with his pouty little lips {and hoping I'd stay}.

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