Saturday, October 8, 2011

Everyone loves punch

Here I am with my two dear friends, Chrissy and Rebekah, at Rebekah's baby shower today. We're so excited--she's having a GIRL!

My mom and I found her this funky outfit--no pastels here!! I made the flower (with a little touch of WILD) to go with it.

And where I come from, a shower just isn't a shower without punch.

I made this one with a can of raspberry lemonade concentrate watered down with a 2-liter of 7 Up and a bottle of raspberry sparkling water, with two containers of rainbow sherbet spooned over the top. That's ice from Sonic, by the way. Did you know they sell bags of ice for $2???

The soda and sherbet can be changed to achieve a different taste or color. For St. Patrick's Day, I do a can of limeade concentrate, 7 Up, a lime sparkling water and lime sherbet. It's hard to do punch wrong so just go for it!

Everyone loves punch. Make it for your next get-together and watch it disappear!

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