Monday, January 16, 2012

When Direct Sales Calls {part 3}

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Where we left off, I'd realized that I need a REAL job that made actual money. I'd always loved direct sales--and even Mary Kay in particular--but had never really "made it" yet. It was still a dream in my heart, though, along with leading and inspiring other women, networking with other women in business and living the life of my dreams (which included a flexible schedule so I could be with my family).

Sherrian (my Mary Kay trainer and director) says now that she saw the potential in me as soon as we met. After attending her makeover class, looking at the catalog, thinking about the particulars of the company and the business, my heart began to soar. I had to be realistic--I didn't WANT to start a new business from the ground up! I wanted something tried and true that would give me a simple formula to success that I could follow.

Come to find out, Mary Kay herself, when she founded the company, wanted a way to give women a chance to own their own business, to make their own way, to be successful and to be celebrated. The cosmetics was just the vehicle. I felt the same way. I want to lead and inspire women, work with women, encourage women to live the best life they can and help other women with their own businesses--and Mary Kay will be my vehicle. It just so happens that the vehicle is something I love--skin care and makeup! My dream is that it will also be a way for me to pour money into a charitable organization as well.

Just deciding on a job was an enormous relief. I had my "It" thing--and all the dreams and heart desires that went with it. My husband sat down with Sherrian and her husband the night I signed the contract to become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant--on my birthday, November 29th 2011.

Some would say that starting this new venture over the holidays was crazy but I enjoyed getting my feet wet before plunging in in 2012. I've already had several sales and have been able to practice on about ten women. The business really suits me and it's a blast. Plus women walk away looking and feeling GREAT!

Sherrian and I just sat down together last week to look at my goals and dreams and to come up with a plan for me to follow. It is so simple: do five faces a week. That means that I need to just have to do five facials every week (whether one-on-one or in group settings), showing women the four-step skin care routine that suits their skin type, including the amazing satin hands treatment and the microdermabrasion. It may not be easy, but it is simple.

Direct sales had been calling my name for a long time. God had been putting this desire on my heart for many years. I feel like I am just beginning to fulfill my life-long destiny. I am so grateful that I finally answered the call. I know I have just started the ride of my life--now I'm just going to hang on and see where God takes it!

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