Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why I Blog

I looooove a good Before & After makeover. Whether it's a dingy basement turned into a magnificent crafter's retreat on HGTV or a dowdy housewife turned into a stylish vixen in a magazine spread, the 'after' isn't nearly as dramatic without the 'before' shot. You have to know how the project started out to fully appreciate the transformation that took place.

In my early blogging days, I published this 'BEFORE' picture of an organizing project {read the post HERE)...

...and had a commenter that said, "I could never publish a real 'before' picture!! I'd be too embarassed!" It gave me pause to consider why I blogged and what kind of blogger I wanted to be.

I realized that, as in real life, I have learned that hiding my flaws or pretending to be perfect doesn't do anyone any favors.

That 'before' picture would likely illicit one of two responses:

1. "Ugh! I can't believe anyone can live that way!" They probably work very hard to maintain a magazine-worthy life and have it all figured out (or are committed to pretending to), so I'm not really blogging about or for that person.

OR 2. "Wow, that looks like MY life!" and they are inspired to tackle their own project and are encouraged that they're not the only one dealing with whatever their 'before' happens to be. THAT is the woman I can relate to and THAT is who I write for.

By the way, bloggers are usually not the first type of person, showing off their idyllic existence to throw it in your face and make you feel inadequate. Bloggers are typically people who are trying to improve the quality of their life and pass along their tricks and tools to their readers.

Do bloggers edit what they publish? Um....yeah. Do I edit here? Of course. I don't go around in real life airing my dirty laundry or telling everyone I meet what I'm frustrated by in my life. Sometimes I may move the errant Lego parts, make the bed or give my dining room table an extra scrub-down before snapping a picture to post. I will, however, tell you honestly that with this...

comes THIS.

I blogged about my miscarriage, anxiety and fear, too. Go ahead and do a search on it, it's all there! :)

Authenticity, in the blogging world and in real life, is key. When I'm real with other people, it gives them permission to be real, too. And that's how we all grow and move toward the life we want. Seeing the 'before' just helps us appreciate the 'after' all the more.

Consider this blog a gigantic Before & After scrapbook of my life. I hope you'll find something useful here to aid your own transformation.

And if you need anything in 'real life,' feel free to e-mail me at

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