Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's Tea Time Somewhere!

I am BIG on every women having some 'me time' EVERY day. Whether it's as simple as a peaceful shower with no interuptions or going on a girls' getaway weekend, it has to be SOMEthing just for YOU.

I have heard several women say, "I don't even know what I would do if I had any time to myself." That is a tradgedy. For one thing, FIND THE TIME. Convince the people in your life that it is something you NEED, not just want. For another, by all means plan ahead to spend that time wisely!

When my husband takes my boys off for a manly excursion, the garage door isn't even all the way down before I'm drawing a bath or thumbing through a magazine in my favorite chair.

Or putting on my kettle to brew a pot of tea! Earl Gray is my current favorite.

The ritual of brewing tea is so comforting and soothing and taking the time to steep the leaves, pour the tea into a lovely cup, add milk and sugar and nibble a treat...well, it's pure bliss. I love to brew a whole pot so I can linger over a cup or two.

Find some time for yourself. Let me know what you do because maybe I can steal your idea for next time.

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