Saturday, March 24, 2012

Making Easter Cards {the easy way}

I had something of a card-making binge last night. I cranked all twelve of these out in about two hours using stuff I already had in my craft supply stash.

All you need is: 1. notecards 2. paper 3. cardstock 4. adhesive 5. stamps and ink 6. embellishments 7. scissors and/or a paper trimmer.

I had a pack of 16 notecards that I got for less than $4 on clearance at Target recently. They were cute enough on their own but when I decided that I wanted to send some Easter cards out {on time!}, I knew I could jazz them up.

Here's what I did...and YOU can do it, too, and probably with supplies you already have at home!

1. Grab some blank notecards. They can even be thank-yous or birthday cards--and you can just cover up the sentiment with paper!

2. Find some coordinating paper and card stock. Use the paper in your scrap pile--you might be surprised by the combinations you can dream up! {like the one below} I let the hints of orange and hot pink dictate the paper and flowers I used. Funky!

2. Cut and attach some coordinating paper to the card to add dimension and interest. I usually just do a 1-2" strip down the middle like the striped paper, below. Brown for an Easter card, who-da thunk it??

3.Stamp your sentiment onto cardstock. I like to ink the edges, too. Then layer it on more card stock or just attach it right to the paper.

4. Add an embellishment in coordinating colors. I used butterflies {like the one above} and flowers for a springy touch.

{I happen to love the green/turquoise/cobalt blue color combination above}

Then just add a sticker or another stamp inside if you want to, write your sentiment and you're done!


So much better than a mass-produced card and WAY more affordable!

I hope the recipients enjoy getting them as much as I enjoyed making them!

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