Saturday, May 17, 2008


I love Saturdays. I spent my my morning garage-saling, my afternoon shopping with my SIL and my evening having dinner and conversation at a friends' house with my hubby. Seriously. I couldn't have asked for a better day.
Naturally, I documented all of my shopping finds. You'll see a lot of "snagged" and "grabbed." I'm too tired to be more creative.
Here's the books and videos from the garage sale. The Mary Engelbreit decorating book alone was worth getting up early. My son found his books right away and sat down to read them.

I snagged a few clothes for my son, too, including Old Navy pants for fall.

With my black thumb, I grab any nice artificial flowers I can find and these were $3 each. Yeah, baby.

I grabbed this pile of stuff for my son to eat off of--all for $2. The sectioned plate alone would cost double that at the store. The bowls are a big ol' stack, perfect for popcorn or cereal.

At Old Navy, I snagged this tee plus the "2 for $5" flip flops--gotta have 'em.

I don't buy shoes very often so I'm making up for lost time. I got these for less than $8 at the Sketchers outlet--"Cute as a Button." SO cute! Buttons, rick rack, stitching, sequins--the works. My SIL bought a pair she loved so I got mine for half price! :)

I even scored these paper goodies--including manly paper to make Father's Day cards--at the Dollar Tree! See the BBQ tools?? And I love the colorful composition book!

And finally, here's me before our date tonight in my Old Navy tee. I love the pink bird!!

I'll post on Monday about what I did with my new flowers and the little project I did in my son's room. Can you wait that long??? :)


lily eden said...

looks like you snagged some fun finds--awesome! I love those little bowls and plates--so cute! I started buying those at Target, even before Lil was born...just because they are so cute!
Now aren't you glad you made the g-saling trip??

Lisa said...

What a great haul.

Those shoes are so cute, and I love your pink bird tee.