Thursday, June 12, 2008

Success (with pictures)!!

Don'tcha kinda hate it when stuff you're looking for shows up right where it belongs?? It's typically the last place I look, since so many things are always misplaced! So, yes, the camera was right on the desk...just sitting behind a pile of our new insurance information, about a foot from where I was looking for it. But a big "Phew!" that it's not lost!!
So I'm updating my previous post WITH PICTURES!
My mom and I had a wonderful time during our brief mother-daughter weekend getaway in lovely Glendale, Arizona. Get the details about The Gaslight Inn and downtown Glendale from this previous post.
It couldn't have been nicer--especially when we only had to walk about ten steps from our room for an amazing evening with delicious fare and fabulous live jazz music!
The shopping was a HUGE success!! I marked quite a bit off my to-buy list and have a better idea of average prices for the rest of it--so now I can find a bargain!
Let's start with what I was actually looking for, shall we? :)
First is this brand new vignette above my pantry. I found the coffee artwork (the silver spoons are real and the letters are a fuzzy texture) at the coffee shop where we had the best iced coffee EVER. Really. It was just $10. Then I started searching for a coffee pot but they were anywhere from $25 to $50 in the antique stores--OUCH!! So I waited until we could go to Goodwill and sure enough, this one fit the bill and was missing a lid (can't tell that high up!) and was $3. The coffee canister was about $2, also at Goodwill.

I didn't find any large pieces of white ware for the left hand side, but remembered I had this red/flowered Southern Living At HOME platter, which I ADORE, so I just revamped this area. The "Florida" tray is new (to me) and was $3. I couldn't resist since it's my home state! I may move it just I like it there for now. The top of these cabinets are satisfactory to me for now. A work in progress, of course.

I DID find a white vintage shelf for above the toilet--you'll recognize it from just about every bathroom you ever went into growing up. But I love it, both for the nostalgia and the fact that it is exactly what I had in mind. I have it decorated already--I just need it hung!! THEN I'll post a picture. My honey-do list is growing! I also got what I was looking for for the laundry room--a "Laundry" sign for above the door in the hall and an old (probably reproduction) washing board! Again, pictures AFTER it's hung!
Now onto what I wasn't looking for!
This turquoise chair is delightful, it was marked down to $3. I had the pot, oddly enough. Then it occurred to me that it would make a fun place to display jewelry!

This metal pear is just...funky. $10 in a neat little shop. I told Mom, "It's the decorative pear you'd use in a medieval castle." I like it with my pineapple and cross.

At my favorite shop, all I got was this teeny little bird to go on this little chair! But I adore it! I love that he's looking down with his bum in the air!

This adorable polka dot tote bag was like $9, so how could I resist?? The band in the middle is pink patent leather! Heehee. I coordinate the "Polka Dot Tots" group for moms with preschoolers at church so this will be perfect to "tote" stuff around in. The two little buckets were $1 each at Goodwill, great to hold fliers and such on the table at church. I bought the fabric at Wal-Mart yesterday--should make a cute display!

AND HERE IS THE FIND OF THE DAY! a piece of embroidered artwork, framed, with my "Roots & Wings" quote!! It has a sort of Amish feel to it and was only $30!! It's hanging prominently in my Morning Room, in a spot my hubby suggested. I adore it.

Here it is "in context."

After hitting the antique stores, we finished up at Goodwill and Tuesday Morning. T.M. was new for us. I scored this new embroidery book for $5...

...and an Amy Butler scrap booking kit! It retails for $10 at and I got it for $5.

And there ya go!! I got so inspired with updating things and moving stuff around that I grabbed these items and moved them next to my tub. It needed bigger pieces and the lavender doesn't really work elsewhere--so I love it in here!! Way better than cluttering up my Morning Room.

So if you're local or just interested, we did most of our shopping in these three places:1. The Mad Hatter was more of an antique mall but had a lot of unique booths and lots of goodies to explore. That's where I got the little chair and the shelf.

Click on the link below for their web site.
Mad Hatter Link
2. The Apple Tree was more primitive and country but still had come really fun finds. I got my laundry stuff and the Roots & Wings artwork there. Their web site is under construction.

3. The Cottage Garden. I love that shop but all I got this time was a bird. Here's the link to their web site.
Cottage Garden Link
Then we had THE BEST iced coffee I've ever had at A Shot of Java! That's where I got my coffee artwork, too.
A Shot of Java Link
Any fab finds in your neck of the woods??

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