Thursday, November 13, 2008

10 rules for a fun, cupcake-themed birthday party

Well, for a gal turning 31, anyway!

1. Make several types of yummy cupcakes. I had vanilla/buttercream with strawberries, chocolate caramel, vanilla/buttercream with cinnamon and chocolate/chocolate/chocolate!

2. serve a variety of hot and cold beverages (like coffee and sparkling apple cider)

3. ask guests to wear a color that goes with your theme--like PINK--and give prizes for the people who wear the most items (the two gals pictured won)

4. have fun games--like a bubble gum blowing contest (with prizes, of course)

5. allow cute little girls to attend, as long as they stick with the theme color

6. send your hubby a link for the cupcake necklace on Etsy you wanted and you just might get it right before your party! :) He was heading out the door with our son and when I turned to say goodbye, he was wearing it! I was so surprised!

P.S. the cupcake mug was from my mom for the party!

7. buy birthday candles ahead of time or you end up blowing out a tea light!

8. invite friends that will give you stinkin' amazing gifts (which they did)!! Thanks, girls!!! I was truly spoiled!!!

9. offer pampering pedicures to those who are interested (as my mom and SIL were...well, and my niece definitely liked the water!)

10. and it always helps to have beautiful, wonderful, fun-loving friends and family at your party!! Thanks, everyone, for a wonderful time!!

***Bonus!*** Belly shot of the birthday girl at 15 weeks pregnant! I look tired, don't I?? :)


Krissy said...

Ah! That looks like SSSOOO much fun!!! lol I totally would have hopped on a plane to come. :D lol

Avily Jerome said...

Thanks for having me! It was a hoot!

You can feel free to take off the hideous, make-upless, shiny-faced nasty pics of your SIL, though...


Tasha said...

Beautiful lady, beautiful party, beautiful cupcakes (!!!), and of course - beautiful belly. I am happy that one of my little cupcake creations made someone smile. Thank you for sharing this link with me, it made my day. :]