Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday's Fave Five #14

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1. Easter was such a wonderful day. We actually attended our Saturday night Easter service so while it was weird to not be in church on Easter Sunday, it was nice to sleep in and enjoy our morning together!

My mom did the cooking and cleaning on Sunday at her house, leaving me to sit and relax. My hubby even got to take a nap!! I also had a spiritual breakthrough that night that has really made a huge difference in my daily walk with the Lord and has definitely helped in the anxiety department! You can read that post


2. The Saturday before Easter was a fun day. Our park had an Easter party, so Andrew got to go in the bouncy house and ride a train. My hubby took him so I could go house hunting with my sister-in-law (as I will mention in #3).

Later, we made cupcakes! He loved icing his...

...and adding sprinkles...

And eating it, too.

Yup, I had one, too. OK, more like six or ten (but over the course of a few days).

3. The aforementioned sister-in-law (this is the one who introduced me to my hubby and that has lived with us for going on 6 years) is house hunting in our neighborhood because housing prices are so affordable. We're thrilled that she's hoping to stay close by (but sad at the prospect of losing her as a house-mate)!

She put in an offer on this house and it's about a quarter-mile west of us and move-in ready. It's gorgeous, perfect for her needs and just has a really nice, spacious, open feeling. We're praying for God to work out the details so she can snag this baby!! We've seen a lot of houses and this one is definitely a winner.

4. My doctor has officially declared me "FULL TERM." Or Ethan, actually!! Here's us the day I turned 37 weeks. Large, and in charge, baby!!

This is such a huge relief. Premature births are way too common and they don't always know what causes babies to come early, so there are no guarantees. I feel very fortunate to have made it this far and without any complications.

An additional praise is that Drew and Andrew came to my appointment, which made it extra-fun. She said I'm softening and at 2cm dilated, although he hasn't dropped yet and there are no signs of impending labor. I'm measuring right on and she expects him to be about as big as his brother if he arrives around the same time (Andrew was born 6 days past my due date and weighed 8 lbs. 4 oz.).

AND, another praise...she gave Drew the go-ahead to leave town next week to Florida for four days!! We're glad he gets to go--I really want him to, it's a church planting conference with our pastor--and hope Ethan and I can HANG ON until he gets back!! Drew has made me promise to call him if anything happens, and he'll get back ASAP. I feel sure that things will be utterly uneventful while he's gone! In the meantime, no long hikes or heavy lifting for me!!

My mom is coming to stay this weekend while Drew is having some alone time and doing some spiritual "questing" before Ethan's arrival, then she's staying every night he's gone, too. Thank you, Lord!

5. I am just grateful in general for my recent spiritual growth, which was "set off" by that weird anxiety I had two weeks ago. I've had some wonderful visits from friends since then, have been able to bless people since I'm feeling well and have found so many encouraging nuggets of truth in the Word. I just feel so grateful to God for His providence and protection, and all the blessings in my life.

#6. BONUS! :) "The kindness of strangers." Beth over at "The Power of Your Love" made and sent this precious newborn hat for Ethan to wear in the hospital instead of the hospital-issued hats. I can't wait to see him in it!! Thank you, Beth!!

Excited to see how everyone else's week was!! One of these FFFs will soon include Ethan's arrival! :)


Jerralea said...

I hope your sister in law can get that house close to you - looks like it would be ideal.

How sweet for someone to send you a baby cap. People can be so thoughtful!

Praying your hubby gets back before Ethan shows up.

Marg said...

Congratulations on the birth of your new child to come...How Exciting.
I was just down in Phoenix 2 weeks ago watching my favorite team, The Phoenix Suns. I'm a Steve Nash fan.

Susanne said...

Enjoy your last weeks being pregnant with your precious baby. Cute little hat he'll be wearing.

That would be a wonderful blessing for both you and your sister in law to get that house. Hope it happens for her.

Brenda said...

I hope your sister in law gets that house! We should be hearing about that baby being born soon!

Karyn said...

The house looks lovely - hope she gets it.

It is, indeed, a blessing to have your baby grow healthy and 'wait' to be born until his due date.

The next few months will be so busy - it is so good that both you and your hubby have had special times with God recently.

What a blessing to have someone send a hat for little Ethan.

God bless you this next week, Tabitha....enjoy these last few weeks before baby arrives.

Avily Jerome said...

Fabulous! I'm so glad everything is going well, and I can't wait to meet Ethan!!!