Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday's Fave Five #18

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To preface this, I am feeling much more like myself these days and finally have my appetite back, so you'll see a lot of food mentioned! :)

1. My dear friend Jen had her baby and we got to meet him over the weekend! He's so tiny and looks just like his mommy! He makes our lil' guy look HUGE! This is me holding him. I love newborns!

2. I finally got back to my weekly menu planning and shopping and made some pretty good meals this week, including this. I did pulled pork in the crock pot (just used root bear!) with peas and oven fries. They're plain steak fries but I added some seasoning--yum!! The sauce on the meat is from our favorite BBQ restaurant in Florida--my folks brought it back for us on their recent trip.

For lunch, I'm loving SMOOTHIES!! I have one almost every day and it's great because I can add flax seed and protein powder, plus get my daily dose of milk, yogurt and fruit in one drink! They're so refreshing in this heat, too.

3. Beating the 115-degree heat. I dumped out Andrew's sand box and filled it with water for him to use as a "pool" and he loves it!

4. I'm trying to cut waaaay back on sugar but I don't want to deprive myself I treat myself to Bryer's Fresh and Dreamy ice cream (half the fat!) with fruit on top almost every night. Yes, I sometimes add a crumbled cookie and chocolate syrup!

5. I can't let a Friday go by without mentioning our "angel baby." This boy is so happy, so laid back and so much FUN! He's cooing and smiling at EVERYone and gets more active and more alert every day. He just melts my heart!

He's two months old now and just starting to get interested in toys. It's so much fun to "play" with him!

I hope you all had many things to be thankful for this week, too! We are blessed!


ellen b said... much sweetness in your week. But wait did you say 115 degrees?! Yikes!!!
Have a lovely weekend...

Susanne said...

I cannot believe how your little guy is growing!

115?!!! I was saying I was melting with it being in the lower 80's. LOL. You have my admiration for being able to bear that kind of heat!

Brenda said...

Your children are adorable. I like your creativity in filling the sandbox with water. Nice week.

Pamela said...

Everywhere I look, I am seeing kids (and adults) in kiddie pools! It really is a great way to beat the heat. I love to crumble cookies in ice cream, too.

Just me.....Shelly said...

Hi Tabs!! Sorry I haven't been by in a LOOOONG time!! I barely have time to breath it seems...I dont know how you are doing it with 2 lil guys! It looks like you are having fun and ethan is ADORABLE...hes like your twin, heehehe. Enjoy your day!

Mojavi said...

wow I don't know where I have been or how I missed soooo much your post made me hungry and want to squish your babies cheeks all at the same time.. So glad your doing well and are feeling better :)