Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Organizing projects

The Fly Lady (www.flylady.net) says that the reason we put off projects around the house is because of our perfectionism. We don't begin because we don't think we can make it perfect like "Oh, I need to buy some stoarge bins first," or "It'll take too long and it won't be just right."

I've experimented with this idea. The bottom line is, imperfect is certainly better than it being the way it was...and it almost never takes me anywhere near as long as I think it will. This is why I do one project after another in "spurts," because my success gets me motivated to do more!

This closet seemed totally daunting. It was literally stuffed to over-flowing and wasn't really functional at all. It took me...get this...half an hour to clear it out and put it back how I wanted!! I was amazed. Granted, it took me maybe another half an hour to put things away where they belonged and gather the giveaway stuff, but still. An hour?? Why did I put it off for so long???



Now my diaper bag and pool bag are in the closet and off the couch when you first walk in and we even had room for the vacuum so it doesn't have to take up space in the office anymore! Hooray!

Since I was on a roll, I finally cleaned out my junk drawers and added these baskets to keep things seperated and more accesible.

This took about half an hour, too, even with consulting my husband on what I could toss!

And before I lost momentum, I tackled my craft area. This BEFORE is actually the picked-up version of the real before, but it gives you the general idea!! I didn't even have space to work!


I know, this still looks like a before! :) But I know where everything is and my most-used items are more accessible now. I even worked on my bookcase to get it functioning properly!

Here are some other projects from this week!

Revamping my coffee and tea station.

Clearing out my "hot spot" and putting out this cute lamp. I love the glow!

I moved my desk supplies into the cabinet above so it wouldn't clutter up the counter. I love it!

Then I moved my tray with my vitamins over and added toast-making supplies. This makes a lot more sense.

I even went through all my books and magazines and put back the ones I use the most. Muuuch better.

It feels to good to get this stuff done! Phew, I need a cup of tea now...

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mom2triplets04 said...

Loved looking at all the before and after photos. Are you finding it easy to stay with flylady? I go off and on. I'm definately a she and want to get things done all at once and I know baby steps is the correct way to do it but just can't follow through. Craft room is a nightmare. So need to tackle that!