Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fairy Tea Party

{To see the post with pictures of the actual Fairy Garden Tea Party I hosted, click HERE}

In lieu of my annual Valentine's Day potluck tea party, this year I'm throwing a Mother-Daughter FAIRY tea party! If you are in the Phoenix area and want to come, contact me for your invitation! It's set for 3:00pm on Saturday, February 7th.

For now I'm using my "inspiration piece" to guide my party planning!

I'm thinking about a peach and sage green color scheme...lots of miniature food...flowers & butterflies...it'll be a riot!

Plus, I have my heart set on us making our own CONTAINER FAIRY GARDEN.

I saw the idea years ago in a magazine and they are charming and so, so sweet! Here's some cool pictures I found--the possibilities are endless!!

I'm considering asking interested guests to contribute $5 and I'll supply the fairies, rocks, moss, etc. and they can bring their own "extras" like a tiny house, wee garden furniture, etc. I've found some amazing fairy houses and even tiny arbors!

I'm picturing them in a pot or shallow wood container. I've gotta do some more research to find out what our options are.

I'd like to have mine already made to use as decoration or in the entry way as a "welcome" into our enchanted world of fairies--like this!!

How charming are these???

I also have to create the atmosphere and decide how to set the table!

The first three photos are from

Karla's Cottage fairy tea party

I love the idea of vintage hats and, of course, WINGS!!

If I can even capture a tiny fraction of the magic in this shot, I'll be thrilled! Lots of great ideas from

Magical Parties

And, yeah, I'm gonna need me one of these butterfly head pieces!

These two are from

princess dream party

Let the planning, list-making and shopping begin!!

COMING TO THE PARTY?? Here's some fun Etsy finds!

Lovely headband at

Her Flying Hroses

You gotta have a wand!! I like this one but may try to make them myself!

It's from Hannahs Tutus

Wings and tutus, all from
Tiara's Boutique

I mean, seriously. How cute is that???

Now I've just gotta find adult-sized wings and a maternity tutu!! :)


sailorcross said...

This is so neat!!! There is a tea house near where I live that does tea parties for little girls for their birthdays. A friend of mine went to one for her granddaughter, and she told me all about it.

But, I don't think it even begins to compare with what you have pictured here!!

So, a little boy you're having? I just checked your pregger pics, and you are so cute pregnant!!

I'd be glad to knit you up something! I see you live in Arizona--May--it will be warm and even warmer still--so maybe not a blanket.

How about a hat for him to wear in the hospital after he's born? They always put hats on the little ones after they're born--helps them retain their body temperature out here in our world!

What color would you like??

As for the Weekly Memory Verse--I just started this on my other blog two weeks ago, so you're not behind and really anyone can join in whenever.

Just click on where it says Weekly Memory Verse on List Hits the Bricks post and it should take you to this week's verse.

Then, the next Monday I post about God has spoken to me through this verse, and you could leave a comment about how this verse has spoken to you and/or blog about it yourself.

My other blog is called "The Power of Your Love". If you look at this Monday's you'll see what I wrote about the verse the week before.

Glad to have you aboard!!

And, I'm serious--what color would you like? And if you can think of something other than a hat, just let me know. Although I think his own personal little hat that you brought with you rather than a hospital regulation hat would be pretty cute.

But, it's up to you!!


Avily Jerome said...

How cute is that! I can't wait!
I have to come up with outfits for me and the girl now...

Maddy said...

I know that these fairy gardens pictures are miniture but they have given me some fabulous ideas for my life size fairy garden. These gardens are so cute and adorable I'm sure that my sister will love them. The miniture houses are gorgeous can't wait to find one for the garden.