Friday, July 8, 2011

I Heart Turquoise

I've been wearing turquoise for most of my life. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, I've always loved it. I think it's because it's beachy (I grew up in Florida), clean and vibrant. It makes me feel relaxed and energized at the same time. It's fun that it can go with green, orange, red, pink and a variety of other colors.

At the house we lived in for seven years, however, my color scheme was taupe, paprika and sage green (as you can see here).

No turquoise. My earth tones needed some sky!

Then my husband was working for a Chinese imports store and brought THIS turquoise sideboard home. HELLO!!

(see my old "paprika" wall??)

"But that doesn't go with anything!" I despaired. I thought he was nuts-o but it quickly grew on me. Now it's one of my favorite pieces of furniture EVER. Eventually I started adding more turquoise to our decor.

Like this Southern Living At HOME (now Willow House, which I am currently a rep for) painting that I got on clearance. I adore the colors.

Here they are together in our former dining area.

I like the turquoise piece better in the rental with the "fresh guacamole" paint! That's more of the direction we'll be going in our next place. I love the turquoise pitcher, too, of course.

I also spray painted my patio set turquoise. It really jazzed it up!

AND did a DIY artwork trio in shades of turquoise to brighten up our living space.

You can find the artwork tutorial HERE.

I FINALLY got my true turquoise fix when I went CRAZY and painted my former craft room Glidden's "True Turquoise."

With Glidden's "Orange Slice?" Divine! And inspiring for a creative space!

I am DEFINITELY looking forward to showcasing my love of turquoise as we decorate our next house--which we will be closing on two weeks from today! Wahoo!!

Looking for a MAJOR turquoise fix and oodles of gorgeous design inspiration?? Head on over to House of Turquoise. Talk about eye candy!! I've spent hours on this site. You'll be addicted, too!

QUESTION: What color do you looooove?? How does it make you feel?

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kbean123 said...

I love turquoise too! Found your Chinese turq table in a google image search. I'm trying to find just the right shade for my buffet sideboard thing. Not too green, not to tiffany blue. I live in Dallas, but spent my summers as a kid in Taos and Santa Fe. My favorite thing to do was shop for turquoise jewelry from the artist ladies in the santa fe square.
Also an FPU grad!